Friday, March 27, 2015

Movers and Shippers : August Morgan Bar Towels

Good Afternoon!

I am currently trapped in my house, as movers are packing and I must be around to answer questions.

Lucy is not amused

Tinkerbell, bless her, is clueless

We have laid in bed and watched hours of Law and Order and discussed my new needlepoint project.

It occured to us that I haven't yet blogged about my new August Morgan Bar Towels.  There are three styles that match August Morgan Cocktail Napkins.

The Bar Towels are a fabulous addition to any one's bar............

And pair beautifully with our cocktail napkins...................

Because Tinkerbell and I are feeling generous, we are offering free shipping on all August Morgan items.  Just type in the word MOVE at checkout.  You are welcome.  Now we must go back to our Law and Order marathon.

Have a great weekend!


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